APT Services Grand Junction

Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment
Services & Consulting, LLC

Dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of individuals struggling with sexually abusive and/or sexually harmful behaviors.

We are a team of Masters level social workers who have contributed to the field of sexual abuse with a combined average experience of 18 years in this specialized field.

We provide sex offense specific treatment in accordance with current best practice modalities and adhere to the Standards & Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Juvenile and Adult Sex Offenders put forth by the Sex Offender Management Board in the State of Colorado. Our team aims to provide ethical and restorative treatment for our clients, their families, and survivors of sexual abuse.

We pride ourselves on a victim/survivor centered approach expecting the highest level of accountability and transparency from our clients. Our team specializes in individualizing treatment plans for the wide continuum of clients that we serve, taking into account responsivity factors, such as cultural background, spiritual beliefs, and racial/ethnic diversity.